Apple picking
au verger de l'île

About the activity

Starting Saturday, September 18, the organic orchard on Île Saint-Bernard in Châteauguay will be open for apple picking every day, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., until the apples are exhausted. Over fifteen varieties will be available for pick-your-own: McIntosh, Cortland, Lobo, Liberty, Eden, Délicieuse, Spartan, Jonafree, Empire, Honeycrisp and more!

The first weekend, the Manoir D’Youville will offer its products to go. The City of Châteauguay and Desjardins will also be holding a kiosk on Saturday, September 18. The Café de l'Île and the Bistro La Traite will be open to satisfy all cravings, as will the refuge faunique Marguerite-D’Youville, which will offer breathtaking landscapes! All, of course, in full compliance with health measures.

EXO shuttle and satellite parking

Note that the EXO shuttle service is in service until October 3, 2021. Therefore, for the entire U-pick period, it will be possible to take the shuttle which offers six stops between the Chateauguay park-and-ride parking lot and the island. Saint-Bernard, free of charge. More info at

Also, satellite parking that can accommodate more than 100 cars is available at the intersection of Notre-Dame North Street and Saint-Bernard Road. A shuttle stop is planned in this area so that users of the satellite parking lot can get to île Saint-Bernard in complete safety.

In the orchard of Île Saint-Bernard

480, boulevard D’Youville, Châteauguay, J6J 5T9


Open daily, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., until the apples run out. 

5 pound bag: $ 9
10 pound bag: $ 16
20 pound bag: $ 27

Only bags sold by Héritage Saint-Bernard are accepted on the site. Card payments are preferred, but cash is accepted.

Although proof of vaccination will not be required to access the island's orchard, the following health rules must be observed:

  • No symptoms: visitors who have symptoms will not be able to come to the site. The same goes for people waiting for a screening result, having been around someone waiting for a result or having been in contact with a person infected with COVID-19.
  • Mandatory hand washing: hand disinfection will be mandatory during payment as well as before and after apple picking.
  • Respect du 1 mètre : les cueilleurs devront garder le un mètre de distance en tout temps avec les autres visiteurs extérieurs à celle de leur unité familiale. La distanciation s’appliquera également aux enfants lors de la cueillette.
  • No bitten apple in the orchard: it will not be allowed to bite apples in the picking area. No other food will be tolerated in this space to avoid hand-to-mouth contact. Visitors will have to picnic and bite their apples in the meal areas determined on the site.


Over the past months, meticulous work has been done to ensure proper apple tree growth and great fruit quality. Rather than using chemicals, more “natural” methods are being applied and have resulted in exceptional yields in the orchard. An agronomist specialized in organic farming is lending her expertise to the team during this undertaking.

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