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Ergot 2.0

Brother Marie-Victorin, father of botany in Quebec, qualified Cockspur hawthorn as being the most beautiful and most distinct species of Quebec flora.

Frère Marie-Victorin, père de la botanique au Québec, a qualifié l’Aubépine ergot-de-coq comme étant l’espèce la plus belle et la plus distincte de la flore québécoise.

The sale of this beer supports the conservation of the region's natural environments and the protection of the Cockspur hawthorn, which is found in Quebec mainly in the Châteauguay-Léry green corridor.

Hopped Lager
100% Quebec

Ergot-de-coq is a light blond beer with a touch of aromatic hops, brewed with corn, malt and 100% Quebec hops.

For each beer sold, Champ libre donates $0.50 to Héritage Saint-Bernard for the conservation of the Cockspur hawthorn and its habitat.

Points of sale

  • IGA Extra Châteauguay (90, boulevard D’Anjou, Châteauguay)
  • IGA Express (109, boulevard D’Anjou, Châteauguay)
  • IGA extra Famille Reid-Boursier (631, boulevard Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Mercier)
  • Fruits & Légumes Mercier (217, boulevard Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Mercier)
  • IGA extra Super Marché Famille Primeau inc. (530, boulevard Cadieux, Beauharnois)
An inspired illustration

The precariousness of Cockspur hawthorn greatly inspired the artist Hubert Rondeau-L’Écuyer, who is behind the illustration of this new brew. A nature lover, he combined the beauty of this plant species with the feathers of the white-tailed deer, the emblematic animal of Île Saint-Bernard.

Artist from the Châteauguay region, Hubert Rondeau-L’Écuyer graduated in visual arts from the Cégep du Vieux Montréal. Concerned about the environment and inspired by recycling, he uses objects that people dispose of to give them a second life by creating spectacular works under environmental and social themes.

Follow him on social media: @HRL art.