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A non-profit organization, Héritage Saint-Bernard positions itself as a regional player contributing to the conservation of natural environments, responsible economic development and raising public awareness of environmental and climate issues. For nearly 35 years, he has been promoting protected natural environments in the municipalities of Châteauguay and Léry.

The impact of your donation

The current economic context brings several important issues within the team. The organization ensures that your donation will be directly reinvested in its mission, namely that of the protection and enhancement of natural environments and environmental education.


  • Protection of the Châteauguay-Léry green corridor
  • Continuation & development of educational projects
  • Construction & installation of wildlife features
  • Management & maintenance of protected natural environments
  • Public awareness of environmental protection
  • Position statement & involvement in various environmental issues

''We are on the fast track to climate catastrophe. (…) Forests and ecosystems must be protected as they provide powerful climate solutions.''

United Nations Secretary General

Urgency to act against climate change

Il It is an undeniable fact: the City of Châteauguay is fortunate to have significant forest cover and exceptional natural environments on its territory, which is unfortunately all too rare in southern Quebec. These ecosystems provide valuable ecological services: climate regulation, air purification, flood and drought mitigation, among others.

In an era where climate change threatens the survival of the planet and its people, no one can afford to cut down a tree. A razed natural environment is razed forever, regardless of its size, and causes irreparable damage to the environment and public health.

A tax receipt is issued for any donation of $25 or more, at the request of the donor. 

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